Bob Heatly

Artist and award winning design educator


I taught  basic design, color theory, architectural design, graduate design and competition studios at Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M University, and University of Illinois for 40 years... I was mentor for over 150 international and national  design competition winners during those 40 years.


In December of 1999, I retired from design education and moved to Provence in southern France to concentrate all of my time on my Art. In 2010, I was visiting my daughter in Lincoln, Nebraska, had a stroke which wiped out my left side and put me in a wheelchair probably  for the rest of my life which suddenly seemed much shorter.  A return to France was out. Now living/working in Joplin MO.

The 2010 stroke burned all connections to my left side but, boosted my creative side. Not a bad deal for an artist.


I decided to concentrate my remaining time creating digital paintings  rather then spending weeks making each new acrylic painting.  This website illustrates  the digital paintings I have done in 2017-18. I’m addicted to creating art and intend to create new work until death stops me. Keep checking this site.